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For people who don't like kitties "exploding" & dying

A Family-friendly Card Game

Kitties are sick & tired of “exploding” on Earth. With just 1 life remaining, they hatch an epic plan to escape to the Moon for safety. Hurry up & help them!
Game boxLayoutStonksCashMemes

A WallstreetBets Edition

Game BoxLayoutCashOptionsMemes
Game BoxLayoutCashOptionsMemes

"Freaking amazing! This game brought the brilliant yet absurd world of stonks to life. Got my friends addicted to it."

- A player from Seattle

"Loved the game play! Not to mention the memes - LOL. Can't wait to play the NSFW version of the game!"

- A player from CA

"This isn't just about YOLOs or FOMOs. There are so many market twists forcing you to strategize every turn. Loved the challenge!"

- A player from NYC

How It Works

Collect Stocks. Receive profits to secure 3 Moon Tickets for your kitties.


Your opponents can bankrupt you, margin call you and sue you to stop you from helping the kitties.


You use hilarious kitty powers wisely to defend, attack & strategize to help your kitties escape.


Collect the infinite money printer, lambos, yachts, etc. to help the kitties on their YOLO mission!

A Family-friendly Edition

Game boxLayoutStonksCashMemes

Available in 2 Editions

Yes, you can get a WSB Edition too! Featuring Calls, Puts, infinite tendies & ridiculously absurd WSB memes.
WSB boxLayoutCashOptionsMemes
WSB boxLayoutCashOptionsMemes


Can more than 5 people play this game?

Yes! Buy 2 games and combine the decks for more than 5 players.

What are stonks and Moon Tickets?

A stonk is nothing but a stock. A Moon Ticket is a completed set of stonks with the same color. For instance, $APES is a stonk card of black color. And, you need 2 $APES for 1 Moon Ticket.

What are tendies? And, what are options?

Tendies are in-game cash. You collect tendies to protect your stonks. Options help you receive profits on stonks you or your opponents own. Use Call options to receive profits on your stonks. And, Put options to receive profits on your opponent's stonks.

Can I skip my turn completely?

No, you can't. You must always pick up 2 cards (or, 5 if your hand is empty) from the draw pile. And then, you can skip your turn without playing any cards down.

What if I have no cards in my hand?

If you run out of cards in your hand, wait until your next turn. And, then pick up 5 new cards from the draw pile (instead of 2).

What do I do when another player pays me with a stonk card?

If another player pays you with a stonk card, you must add that stonk card to your portfolio in front of you right away. You are not allowed to add this stonk card to your hand or wallet. 

Can you take cards back into your hand once played in portfolio or wallet?

No, you can’t take cards back into your hand once you've played them in your portfolio or wallet.

Can I steal or swap a stonk card with another player if it is part of their winning YOLO?

No, you can’t steal or swap a stonk card that is part of your opponent's winning YOLO. But, instead, you can steal the whole winning YOLO by playing a "Margin Call" card.

Can I play cards in my wallet face up? Or, do they always have to be face down?

Your wallet is private to you. And so, you must play the cards in your wallet face down.

If someone asks how much cash I have in my wallet, do I have to disclose the amount?

No, you do NOT have to disclose the amount. Only when someone plays a "Wallet Police" card against you, should you show your wallet to other players disclosing the amount to them. 

Can I use my stonk cards towards a payment if I run out of cash in my wallet?

Yes, you can use your stonk cards as cash towards a payment to your opponent. However, the stonk cards must come from your portfolio - not your hand.

Can I make payments to other players using cash from my hand?

No, you must make payments to your opponents using cash from your wallet. You can also use stonks in your portfolio towards payments too. However, you are not allowed to pay players with cash from your hand.

Can I store stonk cards in my wallet as cash?

No, you can’t store stonk cards in your wallet as cash. Stonk cards always stay as stonks - never as cash.

(Advanced Mode) What happens if someone hides more than one stonk card in their wallet?

It is against the rules for a player to hide more than one stonk card in their wallet. If someone breaks this rule and gets caught, that player must place all those hidden stonk cards at the bottom of the draw pile. 

What happens if you run out of cards in the draw pile?

If you run out of cards in the draw pile, simply shuffle the market pile and use it as the new draw pile.

Can you play the "Say No" card to stop a player from compounding their Call or Put profits?

If a player tries to compound their Call or Put profits, you can use the "Say No" card to cancel out the compounding action on you. However, it does not cancel the compounding action on other players.

When playing the "Papa Musk" card, do I have to collect stonk cards of the same ticker from each player, or can the tickers be mixed?

When playing the "Papa Musk" card, you can collect a stonk card of your choice from each player. Yes, the stonk tickers can be different. In fact, the stonks can even be part of your opponents' winning YOLOs.

Does playing a "Say No" card count as a turn?

No, it does not count as a turn.

Can I play a "Say No" card even though it is not my turn?

Yes, you can play a "Say No" card out of turn to cancel actions against you.

When is it best to play a "Diamond Hands" card? 

You can play a "Diamond Hands" card at any time on your turn. However, we recommend you play this card when you are close to winning the game so you can protect your YOLOs from being stolen by other players.

When is it best to play a "Paper Hands" card? 

You can play a "Paper Hand card" at any time. However, we recommend you play this card when your opponents have fewer cards in their hands to increase your odds of getting a great power card from their hands!

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