YOLO! Kitties is born out of pandemic boredom. At the height of the pandemic, we found ourselves playing many board games along with lurking in Reddit's r/wallstreetbets forum.

During the pandemic market frenzy, we saw retail investors go big or go 'GUH' with their plays. Congrats to those that made it big! RIP to those that ended up being huge bagholders because they didn't know what they were doing.

We asked ourselves what if we combine the absurd world of stonks with hilarious kitties into a fun card game? A game where kitties teach people a thing or two about the stock market without risking 1000s of dollars of their life savings? A game where kitties bring their own twist to the wildly popular WSB memes so we can all laugh together?

And so, we set out on a mission to build just that. After a couple of months designing the cards and figuring out the game mechanics, we were finally ready to test the game with friends and family. And, several iterations (and print jobs) later, we had our finished product - YOLO! Kitties


Started out with epic drawings of stonks... (Fail #1)
First iteration of the game


After countless hours of play testing, it still didn't feel right... (Fail #2)
Second iteration of the game


More tweaks to the design & rules. Started to feel like 'yep, this is good enough'.... (Partial success!)
Third iteration of the game

This was just the beginning of the YOLO! Kitties journey. We iterated countless times, play tested with many folks around the world, partnered with great designers and board-game industry experts to to eventually land on the final design, artwork and the game mechanics. We know that this card game may not resonate with all people, but many of our friends who don't have much interest in stonks found the game to be hilariously fun, educational and addicting to play. That’s when we decided to make this available for as many of you people as possible.

If you are bull gang, bear gang, theta gang or like kitties, we think you'll enjoy this game. Thanks for reading and we hope you'll play YOLO! Kitties and be their superhero by helping them escape to the Moon! 🚀 🚀🚀

- The YOLO! Team




Chief Stonks Officer



Chief Memes Officer



Chief Emoji Officer

PS. We will be shipping the game in May, 2023. So, go ahead and pre-order yours today!

PPS. In the spirit of r/wallstreetbets tradition, we will donate 10% of our profits to Apes conservation.